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You Are Your Most Valuable Investment

It’s true. Your smile and being able to smile confidently, is one of the most precious assets anyone can own. It does wonders for your confidence in social circles and in the professional working environment, can even mean the difference between success and the failure to impress. Confidence is key and if you’re thinking about improving your smile using the Invisalign system, you’re about to make an incredible investment in yourself!

The Cost of Invisalign in NYC

Here at Glassman Dental Care, where we offer the Invisalign system to our New York patients, we understand that cost is a primary concern. As such, we always endeavor to offer our services at competitive and affordable rates. Unfortunately, however, there is no way to definitively answer how much Invisalign costs because every single patient is unique and will require a unique treatment plan.

It is only with your initial consultation with our NYC Invisalign dentist, Dr. Steven Glassman, that you will be able to receive a comprehensive quote for the cost of treatment. There are many factors that play a role in determining this cost. The extent of your orthodontic problems and the length of treatment are typically two of the main considerations. Having said this, the cost of Invisalign is quite similar to that of traditional orthodontic braces, even though this revolutionary system is in many ways better.

Dental Insurance for Invisalign Treatment

You should be able to get some financial coverage from your dental insurance provider. Most offer assistance for orthodontic care and since Invisalign is geared to achieve the same results as traditional braces you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting coverage from your provider.

It is imperative that you speak to your broker and get all the fine print regarding this, so that you can understand exactly what you are eligible to be covered for.

Other Financing Options

Here at Glassman Dental Care, we firmly believe that a concern over costs should never keep a patient from receiving the treatment they need and deserve. As such, we’ve taken steps to provide numerous payment options, some which require monthly installments with no down payment.

To find out how we can help you, please speak to our friendly administrative staff. Our Invisalign dentist in NYC also works closely with various medical financing companies, including Springstone, CareCredit and These may help you cover the costs of treatment at a monthly rate that suits your particular budget.


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