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In Dr. Lenhoff We Trust – PretaBloguer

15 Ways to Make Your Breath Smell Good All the Time – Cosmopolitan

Using Clear Aligner Therapy to Overcome The Problem of the Deep Bite Dentition.

Inside Dentistry SIMPL

Dental Products Review Ultradent Article

Inside Dentistry

Esthetic Dentistry in Clinical Practice – ‘Smile Correction Using Orthodontics, All-Porcelain Crowns, and Veneers’

Inside Dentistry – May 2010

Inside Dentistry – June 2010

Dan’s Papers 
There is nothing more luxurious than an eye catching smile.

Dan’s Papers 
The sweet scent of aromatherapy candles wafts through the air.

Easy Fixes for your 3 most common Smile problems

Town & Country 
The patient is a young woman in her early 20’s.

Contemporary Esthetics
Patients who display too much gingiva require a thorough.

Gym Magazine 
How important are your pearly whites to your appearance?

Dental Tribute 
Dr. Glassman chats with Dental Tribute about her passion for making a difference in her patient’s lives

Dr. Glassman talks about Invisalign and Restorative Dentistry

The Science of Smiles 
Whitening 101 and beyond

Aesthetic Tissue Response Using a Multidisciplinary.
Treatment Protocol for Implant Placement

Doctor of Dentistry 
Perfecting the Art behind the Glassman smile

KISCO Newsletter 
Using Invisalign in the general practice

Editorial Commentary
Digital Impressions for the Fabrication

Dr. Debra Glassman
The beauty behind the Glassman smile

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